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PGI Piedmont HAZELNUT ice cream

PGI Piedmont HAZELNUT ice cream

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The secret in Agnès's hands? The hazelnuts used to make our ice cream recipe come from the Piedmont region of Italy... which is none other than the world's MUST hazelnut .

700ml jar. Store in the freezer at -18°C. Shelf life: 12 months.

For the tasting, take the jar out 20 minutes in advance and place it in the fridge so that your ice cream slowly comes back to core temperature.

ICE CREAM INGREDIENTS: Whole MILK * , Piedmont IGP HAZELNUT praline ( HAZELNUTS 60%, sugar 40%) (16%), CREAM 35% fat, invert sugar, sorbitol, sugar* , stabilizers (pea protein, protein concentrate and MG dairy products (France), guar gum* , carob seed flour* , SOYA fiber* ).

* products from organic farming

NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100G: Energy: 754 KJ 181 KCAL - Fats: 9.64g (including Saturated Fatty Acids: 2.83g) - Carbohydrates: 20.90g (including Sugars: 16.18g) - Proteins: 4.81g - Salt : 0.09g -

ALLERGENS: hazelnut, lactose, soy.

Good tasting !

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