Who are we ?

"We are Agnès & Pierre and our Chocolate Adventure started in March 2013."


In reality, it starts much earlier, in Toulouse, around Chocolate , but this part is secret, we will just remember that Chocolate is synonymous with a beautiful encounter ... :)

Agnès begins by studying History and after validation of her Bachelor's degree, in full preparation for her Master's degree, decides to leave everything to embark on the discovery of the world of chocolate .

Pierre meanwhile, from a very young age, wanted to work in pastry . After an apprenticeship, he continues his training in Chocolate where he will meet his life: Chocolate! er, no... Agnès! :)

Why the Agnès & Pierre adventure?

Both passionate about good products and chocolate , they have fun baking at home during their rest time. Very quickly, they discover the complementarity of their skills and realize that they are always looking in the same direction. Tired of not being able to flourish professionally in the creation and sublimation of beautiful and good products; in March 2013, they decided to launch their Chocolaterie .

A duo just waiting to grow!

From the launch of the Chocolaterie, the creations of Agnès & Pierre met with success with the people of Aveyron. Both sharing, at the same time, the creation, the manufacture and the sale, their economic model quickly became utopian and it became vital to make beautiful meetings and to federate new collaborators to help them in their project. Little by little and over the years, the team has grown .

Julian , their Ambassador , welcomes you to the Rodez boutique, advises you and pampers you. They are lucky to be able to count on him since Easter 2021. The management of online orders is also managed by him.

Cédric, who has joined the manufacturing team since the end of 2017, and Sarah, since the end of 2020, are motivated and passionate about gastronomy. You can also come across them at the store.

Their Master Word: "Passion".

manufacture of chocolates

Always looking for new flavors , new raw materials and new gourmet creations. Agnès & Pierre offer you several Collections of Chocolates over the Seasons, in order to satisfy their creativity and allow the most accustomed customers to be constantly transported by novelty.

Their creations all have in common very high quality ingredients that they always take pleasure in helping you discover and share.

Rewards and moments that give pleasure...

From the beginning, Agnès & Pierre play the game of blind tastings of the famous Club du Chocolat de Paris . Each year they receive medals for their work.

chocolate awards

2018: consecration, it is a Chocolate Award that they receive in Paris and which ranks them among the Best Chocolatiers in France .

The following year, the Club publishes the guide "Best of the Best" to reference the " Essentials of France " of which Agnès & Pierre are part .

International Chocolate Award

They participate the same year in the International Chocolate Awards competition where they send 6 creations. All recipes are successful and they leave with 2 gold medals , 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal . A "Special Gastronomy" prize is also awarded to reward their creativity .

These awards qualify them for a world final where they receive, in 2021, a Bronze medal .

The story has only just begun and these awards allow them to acquire national notoriety and open doors for them internationally. Very nice collaborations (see this page) also boost their team.