Our Collaborations

- Halle aux Grains - Michel and Sébastien Bras - Paris Stock Exchange -

- (May 2021) -
A fabulous project where the codes of the chocolate factory are shaken up.
Research and sourcing work was carried out upstream by Michel and Sébastien Bras , the aim being to bring together a first selection of seeds.
The work then continues with Agnès & Pierre, to find the best way to sublimate the seed with the chocolate .
arm tablets
It is the passion for good products and Aveyron that brings them together.

All the chocolate creations have been designed as cooking recipes , to make the link between the gastronomic universe of the Bras Family and the chocolate work of Agnès & Pierre ; while keeping the common thread of this beautiful project, the development of seeds .
A range of chocolate bars is presented for travel to several cocoa origins (Grenada, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, etc.) as well as a "praline-style" box of chocolate candies .
All these products can be found in the shop area of the restaurant and the museum, Halle aux Grains - Bourse de Commerce - 2 rue de Viarmes - 75001 Paris.