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Box Corsica

Box Corsica

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"Apart from these magnificent landscapes, its colors, its perfumes, Corsica bewitches us above all with the soul of its inhabitants. It is them and thanks to them that this box was inspired in us.

To Isa, Pascal, Jean, Anne, Pierre, Fanny, Thomas, their families, their collaborators,... Vi Ringraziu ❤️"

This Corsica box, highlights in its 9 pieces and its Corsica shaped in chocolate, beautiful products from the Island of Beauty. 🍫

For the occasion, Agnès and Pierre offer you 3 lovely recipes:

Ganache infusion of Arba Barona (thyme from Corsica)

Ganache with Clementine IGP Corse

Praline with Immortelle Sauvage

Designed and manufactured in our workshop in the heart of Aveyron in Rodez. ❤️

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